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I get asked almost every single day: “What is Silicon Valley’s hottest startup, which technology or company up and coming, and which the newest trend, fashion, innovation, gadget, rumor, or entrepreneur?”. And what my opinion is about it. And whether I can make an introduction please. And whether I can do x to help z.

I love this and am always happy to help. But why wait until you ask? Why not share proactively with you?

Yes, and now I decided to go one step further: Et voilà, here is the first edition of my newsletter, my digital telegram – “digigram” – from Silicon Valley. I will write on what I think are hot topics in technology and the Silicon Valley community, list my personal Silicon Valley tops and flops, and about events I plan to attend.

I hope that this will not remain a one way street, but rather that you and I can start an interactive dialogue. Today I am making the first step, and I hope you like it.

I thank you for your reactions, thoughts, feedback, etc. And for your wishes of what YOU want me to look into. Happy reading and ‘till soon, Gert