Best of Digigram

Digigram is turning four years old with this edition, a great reason to look back. Let me know which topics you like best. Cast your vote for the stories that have connected with you the most! Which topics of the last few issues resonated with you, and what do you want to see more of?

Mitipi and KEVIN’s USA Launching Pad
Winning teams behind the “Connected Life” Entrepreneurship Class at UC Berkeley:
Silicon Valley Mindset Post-Covid Takeaways
MIT Climate Energy Prize
Hybrid Work and San Francisco Commercial Real Estate don’t go well together
Streaming Overtaking Cable
The Empire Strikes Back: Google announced a ChatGPT competitor
Browser wars reloaded: The emergence of ARC
What does creating a “Circular Economy” take?
Connected Life. Online. Everything, everywhere, all the time
A deeper look at the humanitarian impacts of a connected life
State of the Metaverse… metawhat???