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The State of the Corporate Startup (panel discussion)

There is a fine line in corporate innovation: Use the best of startup methods while preserving the best of the company’s DNA, knowledge and history. A difficult but promising approach. What is state of the art in corporate innovation? Is the corporate startup possible? What are the limits? I asked corporate innovation experts and a Silicon Valley VC to explore the state of the corporate startup: Thursday, October 28, 2020, at 4 pm Pacific time. You can register here: Thank you Swiss American Chamber of Commerce and Swiss Business Hub in San Francisco for the organization and sponsorship. These experts will share their approaches to corporate innovation: Swisscom (Lukas Peter, Head of Silicon Valley Outpost): Swisscom started an outpost in Silicon Valley 20 years ago and are one of the most visible and present partners and investors in the Swiss innovation scene. SBB Swiss Railways (Andreas Jossen, Innovation Scout): Recently established three outposts in Silicon Valley, China, and Israel. Mach49 (Paul Holland, Partner, and VC at Foundation Capital): Paul has been a Silicon Valley venture capitalist for …

Thank you for a great 2017. And wishing you a happy 2018!

San Francisco is home to one of the most iconic bridges in the world. And I  crossed it a lot during 2017. And I took a picture every time…. While  driving on the bridge and while sailing underneath. Here are pictures of San Francisco’s prettiest bridge during 2017. I hope you enjoy this San Francisco landmark as much as I did. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you! Looking forward to seeing you again in 2018, Yours, Gert Christen