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Cracking the Code of Public Sector Innovation

Design thinking and user-centered approaches can innovate for public organizations: Focus on users, not technologies. Apply design thinking to create a 360° view of the problem. Involve industry to map out solutions to use cases and personas. Adoption by residents is the ultimate objective and measure of success. The first playbook by City Innovate Foundation was announced last week. It documents how Miami-Dade County’s public transit systems can interface with private transportation services such as Lyft ride-hailing or Zipcar car sharing. Not only is it the first of its kind playbook but it was also created thru a new approach to public sector innovation. The process leading to the playbook was the “Collider Methodology”, which I developed for City Innovate over the last 15 months. It was truly an experience of- “Cracking the code of public sector innovation” The starting point was the idea to map out solutions by “colliding city officials, industry representatives and independent experts on one urban problem”. And the objective was to create an actionable plan for cities to build capacity to solve one problem at a time. We thought this should work much …