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WEF Study: Swiss Startups among the most innovative. But too modest.

WEF Study shows Swiss Startups to be among the most innovative in the world. However, Swiss modesty, the attractive alternative of well-paid jobs and a lack of high ambition hamper entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

The World Economic Forum published their 2015 report “Leveraging Entrepreneurial Ambition and Innovation. A Global Perspective on Entrepreneurhsip, Competitiveness and Development.”

Switzerland ranks as the most competitive economy in the world but despite these great environmental conditions, relatively few entrepreneurs take the plunge to start a new business.

And of those who do, many are not ambitious enough…

Swiss supporters of Startups need to focus on spotting the most innovative ideas and match them with the most ambitious teams in order to realize the full potential of innovation made in Switzerland.




Article by Handelszeitung’s Lukas Rohner, January 12, 2015.

Report by World Economic Forum WEF and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, January 1, 2015.

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