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Best of Digigram Results

Happy 4th birthday to us, and what better way to celebrate than by reflecting on the stories that have shaped our community! We asked our readers to vote on your favorite “Best of Digigram” articles. Boy, did you come through! The contenders ranged from a fascinating look at the winning teams behind the ‘Connected Life’ Entrepreneurship Class at UC Berkeley to the all-important discussion on “Silicon Valley Mindset Post-Covid Takeaways.” We even had hot topics like “Streaming Overtaking Cable,” “Hybrid Work and San Francisco Commercial Real Estate don’t go well together,” and the emerging “Browser wars reloaded: The emergence of ARC.” There was something for everyone, and the competition was stiff! And the winner is… drumroll please… our in-depth feature on the security device Mitipi and our exclusive interview with the company’s founder in “Mitipi and KEVIN’s USA Launching Pad!” You showed your keen interest in learning about the brains behind groundbreaking products. It’s especially exciting to hear you are eager to learn about innovative startups looking to break into the American market via the …

Gert’s Digigram Newsletter of June 2023!

Happy summer! This season brings not only many exciting tech highlights (including $3500 VR goggles, more below) but also many great opportunities to travel, explore, and enjoy some much-needed sunshine after a rainy winter season. In this edition of Digigram: 1: Best of Digigram – Digigram is turning four years old with this edition, a great reason to celebrate. Let me know which topics you like best. Cast your vote for the stories that have connected with you the most! Which topics of the last few issues resonated with you, and what do you want to see more of? #2: Climate Change as a Business Opportunity – With the pressing issue of climate change, I am convinced that innovation is a critical key to winning the race to stall or reverse damaging effects on the climate. Environmentally sustainable solutions and climate tech are booming, and entrepreneurs have a tremendous opportunity to solve global issues with ideas and businesses that scale. Over the last six months, I have given a talk on this topic at many conferences …

Digigram December 2022

Digigram Newsletter of December 2022

Welcome back to DIGIGRAM! After a bit of a hiatus, I am back to give you an update on the latest topics, trends, and stories from Silicon Valley and beyond. A lot has happened in the world over the last year. While a lot of gloom befell the world, there have also been some incredible milestones this year. There is much to celebrate that happened in 2022! For instance, in the last year, we’ve had these incredible technological and scientific breakthroughs: The United States Senate passed a bill to boost domestic chip manufacturing. The law also includes $67 billion to fund research into how to slow down climate change, a new record! I hope that a significant portion will go towards developing climate technologies. A new report found that if the current pace of wind and solar growth continues, the world will meet its climate targets. Switzerland qualified for the last 16 nations at the soccer World Cup. And was promptly eliminated by Portugal – oh well… In this edition of Digigram: #1: Mitipi and KEVIN’s …

Digigram Newsletter of April 2020!

Gert Christen’s April 2020 newsletter: This newsletter is dedicated to disruption. Think disruption is over because we accepted apps like Uber or websites like Airbnb? I’ve got news: It’s not over. Entire industries are not only ready for disruption, they’re at the very beginning of being disrupted. I discuss two examples in this newsletter.

Digigram Newsletter of December 2019!

The bi-monthly newsletter of December 2019. Covering TikTok, the next hot trend, Xaas – Everything as a Service – and the backend business opportunity. Top of the month: 26 Swiss managers & HWZ master students in Silicon Valley, and one of my teams reached 4th place in the startup competition at UC Berkeley.
Meet me here: At UC Berkeley’s “Deplastifying the Planet” course starting in Jan 2020
On my table: Thanks are on my table. Wish all happy holidays and happiness & success for 2020

Digigram Newsletter of July 2019!

Thank you Thank you to the more than 4000 of you who saw my first Digigram. I am surprised, delighted and very humbled. And I appreciate all of you who gave me your comments and feedback, I will try to incorporate them. Please enjoy a wonderful summer, happy reading and ‘till soon, Gert Explore Digigram – July 2019 Hot Technology: Blockchain, look beyond the noise and it’s very real! New trend: XaaS stands for everything as a service! Top of the Month Congratulations to Scoot, a pioneer in the electric moped rental space, for the acquisition by Bird, the electric scooter rental heavyweight. Meet me here: Meet me in Berkeley from next month. I am excited to have been appointed an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley. I wanted to continue to teach part-time ever since moving back to California and I couldn’t be happier to do it in Berkeley. Check out my first course here! What’s on my table? Summer reading: “Make Elephants Fly. The process of radical innovation” by Steven S. …