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Gert’s Digigram Newsletter of June 2023!

Happy summer! This season brings not only many exciting tech highlights (including $3500 VR goggles, more below) but also many great opportunities to travel, explore, and enjoy some much-needed sunshine after a rainy winter season.

In this edition of Digigram:

1: Best of Digigram Digigram is turning four years old with this edition, a great reason to celebrate. Let me know which topics you like best. Cast your vote for the stories that have connected with you the most! Which topics of the last few issues resonated with you, and what do you want to see more of?

#2: Climate Change as a Business Opportunity With the pressing issue of climate change, I am convinced that innovation is a critical key to winning the race to stall or reverse damaging effects on the climate. Environmentally sustainable solutions and climate tech are booming, and entrepreneurs have a tremendous opportunity to solve global issues with ideas and businesses that scale. Over the last six months, I have given a talk on this topic at many conferences and workshops; read why I think climate change is THE business opportunity of the century, and I give examples of what making an impact looks like.

#3: AR/VR Google Wars. Move over, Neo and Trinity! – Is Apple’s Vision Pro a vision of the future? Is it the solution that will create the market? – This month at the WWDC Conference, Apple announced its augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Does this ambitious project have the potential to change the way we interact with the digital world, or is it just a $3,499 fad? Let’s explore possibilities.


Top of the Month

The Cruise driverless public taxi service now covers all of San Francisco! I recently (thoroughly!) enjoyed my first ride thru the city, and since then, they have expanded it to all of SF.

Observing over the last 5-6 years how the little Chevrolet vehicles crisscrossing the city gradually improved and got smarter was truly amazing.

What an engineering feat! And now they are ready to provide a service as ubiquitous as Taxis once-upon-a-time or Ubers.

Tech friends, we are observing history in the making. Enjoy the video from inside my first Cruise ride.

Flop of the Month

The web was abuzz when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took to Twitter Spaces to chat directly with Elon Musk to announce his candidacy for president.

Over 250,000 took to the platform, only to be met with multiple crashes, the equivalent of the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death,” with the announcement starting late and numerous glitches before DeSantis was even able to start speaking. It wasn’t a great look for both DeSantis and Twitter. Of course, the internet had a field day!

Meet me here

Digigram and I will take a break over the summer. I look forward to visiting my in-laws in Taiwan for the first time since COVID. Meet me at the top of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, or join me to taste the world’s best dumplings at Din Tai Fung Restaurant or let’s have some shopping therapy in Shemending District.

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